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I have a repository where I keep all my homemade code, and I was thinking in sharing some of my projects. The question is I don't want to share the full path to my repository, but instead create some links in my website to act as "pointers". Example:

Repository Structure:


And my objective is to checkout like:

svn co http://some.address/myproject/1.0

Is it possible?

Note: Of course my webpage and svn repository are hosted in the same place.

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I tried to implement a similar solution a year back using mod rewrite but failed hard on the authentication part. Digest and rewrites didn't mix well. And of course there could problems with having 2 access points to one resource. –  Captain Giraffe Apr 25 '11 at 10:16
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I assume you're using svn in combination with webdav?
You can create permissions for subfolders. For example bob is only able to read tags/1.0/ while alice can read and write to trunk/:

      bob = r

      alice = rw
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