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I am currently trying to write a .BAT file that runs a particular .exe depending on whether or not the system is 64/32 bit.

So far my code looks like this:

cd driver 
SET isX=SYSTEMINFO | find /C "X64-based"
SET isY=SYSTEMINFO | find /C "X32-based"
IF isX == 1 setupX32.exe 
IF isY == 1 setupX64.exe 
cd ..

The commands work individually. It seems that there is a problem with assigning a variable while piping. because

echo %isX%

Doesn't seem to work. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.

~ Dan

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where exactly error is coming?

just a thought.. May be you can use %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% variable to find out the architecture instead of from SYSTEMINFO..

or instead of going for pipe, you can implement if else block/..

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64 bit systems have the PROGRAMFILES(X86) environmental variable defined, you can test for this;

    SET app=setupX64.exe 
) ELSE (
    SET app=setupX32.exe 

START %app%
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