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I need to access a hashmapped value from a form. Here is what I see I dump the form elements but I am NOT sure how I can access them in controller:


I tried to access them in controller using

and params[:Cart[:only_one_product]]
and params[:Cart["only_one_product"]]

Everything fails. Any quick help is really appreciated.

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you want params[:Cart][:exclude_discount]

Since it is a hash of a hash, you need to first get the element of the outer hash 'params[:Cart]', then get the inner element of that hash, [:exclude_discount].

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is the right way to access it.

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Long style

cart = params[:Cart] # get hash
is_only_one_product = cart[:is_only_one_product] # get hash key-value

Short style

is_only_one_product = params[:Cart][:is_only_one_product] # get hash key-value
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