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There is a div with id="upper_div". I have a script linked to my HTML page. Inside the script I have another div with id="lower_div". I want to use the div inside the script.

i.e I want to append the lower_div with upper_div. I'm not able to get the div inside the script.

<div id="upper_div"></div>

<script src="test.js" method="get" type="text/javascript">              
<div id="lower_div>

any suggestions?

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use this

var html = "<div id='lower_div'><p>Test</p></div>";
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If you're using jQuery the following will work:

$('div#upper_div').append('<div id="lower_div"><p>"Test"</p></div>');

Here is a jsfiddle for you.

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$('#upper_div') is much faster than $('div#upper_div') –  Gaurav Apr 25 '11 at 11:25

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