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I am new in ASP.NET programming. Please help me.

 void DisplayData()
        DataTable dt = new DataTable();
        //objBuyer.BuyerId = Convert.ToInt64(Request.QueryString["id"]);
    **ERROR-->>>**   dt = objBuyer.DisplayData();********
        if (dt.Rows.Count > 0)
        txtBName.Text = dt.Rows[0][1].ToString();

ERROR:Cannot implicitly convert type 'void' to 'System.Data.DataTable'

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You are trying to convert void to a DataTable, which is not possible. Your method has to return a DataTable for this to work.

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The problem is that the DisplayData method does not return a DataTable object, it simply displays the data in objBuyer, and returns void.

That's the problem, but I can't really help further than that without some sort of context!

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The DisplayData() method needs to return a DataTable in order for this to work. A nice and easy tutorial can be found here: http://www.aspnettutorials.com/tutorials/controls/data-table-csharp.aspx As you can see, there's a DataTable created and after that's done, several rows are added to the table with the Rows.Add() method.

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