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I get an error:

Cannot implicitly convert type 'bool' to 'byte' ActiveRecord.cs

when trying to build my solution. I've done exactly what the Subsonic ActiveRecord guide. It was working when I was using Server=localhost\SQLEXPRESS;

Primary Key is using uniqueidentifier and is not nullable.

SQL Server 2005 / Subsonic

Help anyone? I've even right click on the .tt files and 'Run Custom Tools'

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OK you have not shown the code that is failing; big mistake!

However, the compiler will stipulate the line number, and YOU SHOULD cast the byte variable to a boolean.

Casting is preceeding the variable the variable name with its type; e.g. (byte) q.

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Thank you very much. casting didn't really work but changing the variable type got it working. Thanks again for the hint –  melvin Apr 25 '11 at 12:20

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