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Between process, There is a socket shared through msg. With the socket, tryng to get remote connection information. But getpeername results is without any error.

Even I checked /proc/net/tcp there is no connection.

Here is my detail implementation.

  1. For Webserver , lighttpd recevie http connection
  2. web server by-pass the accepted socket to a process
  3. fcgi program handle the socket (from web server), for simple work.
  4. Simultaneously step3. A process receive the shared socket from web server and hanle main procedure

[ In above procedure, Step 3 and 4 works simultaneously But step 3 is simple. So Step 3 will be finish instantly, and then web server close a request. After that only Step 4 works alone. ]

Except getpeername in a process (step 4), all other socket functions fine ; like as select/send/recv

About get peername in a shared socket between process, does not work properly?

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AFAIK fcgis are spawned at server startup time, not when the first request comes in. So the socket passed to your fcgi cannot be connected to a remote host so getpeername cannot return something different than localhost. http://www.fastcgi.com/devkit/doc/fcgi-spec.html#S2.2 even states that getpeername returns with an error for fcgis.

If that doesn't answer your question I suggest you show some code.

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Then How can I get a peer address in the fast cgi ? Should I have another method. Like as get the peer address information in web server and then pass it to the cgi using send message or pipe –  agfe2 Jul 26 '11 at 13:46

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