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I've a plugin made by my own to set up a few things when using dialog of jquery-ui. Instead of calling:


I use this:


And dialogPlugin will call .dialog(options) (after doing some stuff).

In my plugin I may modify some functions for the events of the dialog like this:

var originalCloseFn = options.close;
options.close = function() {
    //my own stuff.

The plugin works great, but after some time using it I realized that I couldn't change the dialog functions from outside the plugin like this:

$("#popup").dialog("option", "close", newFunctionOnClose);

If I do that the code the plugin added to the close function would be lost.

So I added this code at the beggining of my plugin:

if (options == "option") {
    if (val == undefined)
        return _this.dialog("option", name);
        return _this.dialog("option", name, val);

Now I need to change the fifth line of this code to actually change the option of my plugin, not of the jquery-ui. (The option of .dialogPlugin function, not of .dialog). I realy don't know how can I do that. Any ideas please?


I know that the question is not very clear and my poor english doesn't let me to explain myself any more so I've made a litle example.

What I want is that in the seventh line (return $(this).dialog("option", name, val);) instead of modifing that (equivalent to optionsForJQuery.close) modify options.close. That way I will avoid loding the plugins behavior.

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try this:


<div id="popup">I'm a popup</div>


(function ($) {
    $.fn.dialogPlugin = function (options, name, val) {

            // setter function close
            fnClose = null,

            // function when close
            fnMyClose = function() {
                alert("This is plugin's close behavior");
                if (fnClose)

        if (options == "option") {
            if (name == "close" && $.isFunction(val)) {
                fnClose = val;
                val = fnMyClose;
        else {
            if (options.close)
                fnClose = options.close;

            options.close = fnMyClose;

        return (name)
            ? $(this).dialog(options, name, val) //if var == 'undefined'is equal to not send parameters
            : $(this).dialog(options);


    close: function() {
        alert("This is user's first close behavior");

$("#popup").dialogPlugin("option", "close", function() {
    alert("This is user's second close behavior");


or more simple and elegant:


    var dialog_close = $.ui.dialog.prototype.close;

    $.ui.dialog.prototype.close = function() {

        var self = this;

        alert("This is plugin's close behavior");

        dialog_close.apply(this, arguments);


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wow. example is down. –  Roko C. Buljan Oct 28 '12 at 3:38
yeah, I don't delete the "jsfiddle" I don't know what happened –  andres descalzo Oct 28 '12 at 16:44

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