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I have one application in which i have to check internet connection.I have seen code from these examples and tried it. But both of them shows internet available even if its not working.In my case there is one service provider to which i have to login for getting internet access.So i am always connected to LAN.and after that if i am logged in to that servide provider application then and then i can get internet access.So using this code even if i have logged out from that application it shows that internet is available.when i type i am not able to get have also checked apple's rechability example.In that also even if i log out from internet it shows network availability.Can anyone tell that what is wrong here ?any tutorial or sample code?

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hello nehal if you got any solution or example regarding your question then please tell me. Thanku in advance. –  Mihin Feb 23 '13 at 12:07

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Check the below SO post,will helpful for you

How to check for an active Internet Connection on iPhone SDK?

iPhone SDK Internet connection detection

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