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$("#treeDiv").dblclick(function () { 
    this.rename(this.data.ui.hovered || this.data.ui.last_selected); 

I am working on JSTree. And I tried the above code to rename the node of tree. treeDiv is the Id of div of tree. The above code is not working. Any body know the mistake where I did please let me know.

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In above code this will be pointed to the itself and not a jstree object nor a jquery object.

This is the correct form:

    .bind("dblclick.jstree", function (evnt) {
        $(this).jstree('rename', evnt.target);

As a rule when you doesn't have the real jstree object (which support .rename) you should use $('#tree').jstree(command, arg) and also, you should use events like example above.

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Awesome! thankyou so much. –  vissu Apr 26 '11 at 11:55

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