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I am working on Redhat Enterprise Linux running kernel version 2.6.18-128.el5. I downloaded the source code for Linux version 2.6.18 from www.kernel.org. I hope it is a source code for normal version. But when I looked into my RHEL file structure under /usr/src/kernel/, it looks very different from the one I got the source code for. Further, I couldn't find the source code for my enterprise Linux version.

So my question is, does the source code for the normal and RHEL kernel versions differ much?. If yes, how do I download the source code for the RHEL kernel?

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You can download it from Red Hat site:


Just look inside SRPMS directory and you can find also other kernel versions.

You should also know that Red Hat kernel is some diffrences from vanilla linux kernel. Red Hat supports his RHEL for 7-10 years and make a lot of improvments in the kernel during that time (including some backports from new kernel version).

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