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There is Copy to Output Directory property for files in C# projects. But in VC++ projects it is absent. I know, that I can use Build events in VC++ and write there something like

xcopy /y /d %(FullPath) $(OutDir)

Is there a way to avoid the use of CMD (and other scripting methods)? Can msbuild do something to help in this case?

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It depends on what version of Visual Studio you are using. Format of VC++ project file in Visual Studio 2008 is not MSBuild and so using xcopy in PostBuildStep is a good choice.

VC++ project in Visual Studio 2010 has MSBuild format. Thus, there is functionality of MSBuild Copy task.

Below is a sample:


If the destination directory does not exist, it is created automatically

An MSDN Copy task reference is here

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Can MSBuild do something to help in this case?

Using MSVC 2012, this worked for me:

Assumed you have a file "Data/ThisIsData.txt" in your c++ Project.

Unload the project (right click --> Unload Project).
Edit project XML (right click --> Edit .vcxproj)
Now you see the projects MSBuild file as XML in your editor.

Find "ThisIsData.txt". It should look something like:

<None Include="Data\ThisIsData.txt" />

Now add an other item group like this:

<Content Include="Data\ThisIsData.txt">

Reload the project and build.
Your file "ThisIsData.txt" should get copied to $(OutDir)\Data\ThisIsData.txt.

Why duplicating the ItemGroup?

Well if you simply change the None include to a content include, the IDE does not seem to like it any more, and will not display it. So to keep a quick edit option for my data files, I decided to keep the duplicated entries.

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Thanks (+1). Did you try @AntonK solution? –  Loom Nov 15 '12 at 13:12
Second time I've forgotten this and used this answer, wish I could up-vote twice –  Kip9000 Mar 25 at 11:51

You could also change the target Directory under Configuration Properties -> General -> Output directory to the directory you'd like to use.

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If it's a COM dll, you can add it to the root of your project, mark it as 'Content' and set copy to output directory to 'Always'. I had to do this for signature capture COM assembly.

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