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So, client.o and server.o are not being compiled... but the make file doesn't error...

I've checked the directory where all the code is and the sub folders. but client and server .o just aren't there... =\

here is my make file:

main_objects = src/main.o src/fann_utils.o src/Config.o

network_objects = src/neural_network_basic.o
hash_objects = src/hashes.o src/hashes/Murmur.o 
cloud_objects = src/cloud/client.o src/cloud/server.o

all_objects = $(main_objects) $(hash_objects) $(network_objects) $(cloud_objects)

all: hPif clean

hPif : $(all_objects)
    g++ -o hPif $(all_objects) -lfann -L/usr/local/lib 

src/cloud/client.o : src/cloud/chat_client.cpp src/cloud/chat_message.hpp
    g++ -c src/cloud/chat_client.cpp 

src/cloud/server.o : src/cloud/chat_server.cpp src/cloud/chat_message.hpp src/cloud/chat_server.h
    g++ -c src/cloud/chat_server.cpp 

neural_network_basic.o : src/neural_network_basic.cpp src/neural_network_basic.h
    g++ -c src/neural_network_basic.cpp

hashes/Murmur.o : src/hashes/Murmur.cpp src/hashes/Murmur.h
    g++ -c src/hashes/Murmur.cpp

Config.o : src/Config.cpp src/Config.h
    g++ -c src/Config.cpp

hashes.o : src/hashes.cpp src/hashes.h
    g++ -c src/hashes.cpp

fann_utils.o: src/fann_utils.cpp fann_utils.h
    g++ -c src/fann_utils.cpp 

main.o: src/main.cpp src/main.h 
    g++ -c src/main.cpp

    rm -rf src/cloud/*.o
    rm -rf src/hashes/*.o
    rm -rf src/*.o
    rm -rf *.o

Console output looks like this:

g++    -c -o src/main.o src/main.cpp
g++    -c -o src/fann_utils.o src/fann_utils.cpp
g++    -c -o src/Config.o src/Config.cpp
g++    -c -o src/hashes.o src/hashes.cpp
g++    -c -o src/hashes/Murmur.o src/hashes/Murmur.cpp
g++    -c -o src/neural_network_basic.o src/neural_network_basic.cpp
g++ -c src/cloud/chat_client.cpp 
g++ -c src/cloud/chat_server.cpp 
g++ -o hPif src/main.o src/fann_utils.o src/Config.o src/hashes.o src/hashes/Murmur.o  src/neural_network_basic.o src/cloud/client.o src/cloud/server.o -lfann -L/usr/local/lib 
i686-apple-darwin10-g++-4.2.1: src/cloud/client.o: No such file or directory
i686-apple-darwin10-g++-4.2.1: src/cloud/server.o: No such file or directory
make: *** [hPif] Error 1
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1) remove all rules that are irrelevant to the problem (e.g. neural_network_basic.o), 2) try make src/cloud/client.o, 3) tell us what happens. – Beta Apr 25 '11 at 15:07
I typed make src/cloud/client.o into the terminal... it gave the corresponding output that is in my post. Still no file. =\ – NullVoxPopuli Apr 25 '11 at 15:09
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g++ -c src/cloud/chat_client.cpp will build an object file called chat_client.o, not client.o. Either add -o $@ to the rule to create an object file with the same name as the target, or rename the file to chat_client.o everywhere it's mentioned in the makefile.

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chat_client.o doesn't exist either... =\ – NullVoxPopuli Apr 25 '11 at 15:12
@DerNalia: that's because the other targets don't depend on it, and there's no rule to build it - they depend on client.o, which is the target of the rule (but not built by the rule). – Mike Seymour Apr 25 '11 at 15:15

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