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I have a table.html, data.php and json.csv within the same folder.

data.php is doing fopen("json.csv","r") to read from json.csv.

How can I display the JSON objects as a table within table.html?

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js">
function display(){

  <body onload="display()">
  <table id="#jobtable">
  <input type="text" id="txtJSON" />
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That is not a table but a input field – Prix Apr 25 '11 at 15:06
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Zach Hunter wrote a very nice tutorial on how to do this very thing. Give it a whirl:


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This link is dead – zygimantus Jul 1 at 22:31

You just need json_decode and some iteration


I'll show you a very simplistic way to do the PHP. You don't tell anything about the JSON, so I'm assuming its flat (not nested). I think you might want to alter the client side stuff too. Make txtJSON into an empty div, which will be filled with the output from the PHP.

$file = $fopen("json.csv", 'r');
$fileText = fread($file, filesize($file));
$arr = json_decode($fileText, true); //i prefer associative array in this context

echo "<table>";
foreach($arr as $k=>$v)
    echo "<tr><td>$k</td><td>$v</td></tr>";
echo "</table>";

If your JSON is not flat and simple, what would you like the resulting table to look like?

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Here I have taken json data in to $json variable, and then use foreach loop to create table from json data.

foreach ($data as $key => $jsons) {
 $table ='<table class="'.$jsons['class'].'" border="1">';
 foreach ($jsons as $rkey => $rvalue) {
        foreach($rvalue as $rvv)
        foreach($rvalue as $rvv)
            foreach($rvv as $rv)
echo $table;

I have taken reference from http://www.tutsway.com/create-table-from-json.php

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You can use this library for converting Json to Standard HTML table: Json-To-Html-Table

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