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im using pylab for scientific computing purposes. I ve made a histogram with the hist method. But im also interested in painting a probability distribution. Does someone know of that?

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A more specific question would be helpful. Ex., this is what I have tried, this is the error I get. – keepitreall89 Apr 25 '11 at 16:36
you could try matplotlib, ob their website there is a lot of examples in the gallery, choose the one most similar to your needs, and starting from there, modify it until you get what you are looking for – flow Jun 22 '11 at 14:20

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Scipy has many probability distributions built in, some function example from the docs (of many):

norm: A normal continuous random variable.

alpha: An alpha continuous random variable.

beta: A beta continuous random variable.

chi: A chi continuous random variable.

erlang: An Erlang continuous random variable.

gamma: A gamma continuous random variable.


Some examples on how to draw from the distribution and plot the norm, beta, chi and alpha:

from scipy.stats import *
from pylab import hist, show,subplot

N = 2000

X = norm.rvs(size=N)

X = beta.rvs(2,1,size=N)

X = chi.rvs(2.0, size=N)

X = gamma.rvs(1.0, size=N)

enter image description here

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There is an example on how to do this on the matplotlib examples page:

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