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1.) How do Load, Edit and Save binary Hive files for registry from C#?

I found this Win32 api.

This guy shared the code to dump the content of binary Hive files to text.

2.) In addition to manipulating the Hive files, I also search for a method to load the Hive file into registry at runtime using C# (similar to the Load Hive and Unload Hive commands on the File many in regedit)


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Have you looked at the Registry and RegistryKey classes in Microsoft.Win32?

It sounds like you may need to create your own representation to read the hive file and either queue up or immediately make the corresponding registry changes. Likewise you would need to write your own converter back to disk.

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The article below explains how to analyze the registry file without using WinAPI (advapi32.dll). In this particular case the guy is using Mono:

using (FileStream fs = File.OpenRead (path)) {
 var data = new byte[checked((int)fs.Length)];
 int i = 0;
 int read;

 using (var ms = new MemoryStream (checked((int)fs.Length))) {

  while ((read = fs.Read (data, 0, data.Length)) > 0) {
   ms.Write (data, 0, read);
   i += read;

  byte[] hive = ms.ToArray ();
  char[] cList = new char[fs.Length];

  i = 0;
  foreach (byte b in hive)
   cList[i++] = (char)b;

         string d = new string (cList);

  int all = 0;

  foreach (Match mx in lf.Matches (d)) { //you can change out the regex you want here.
   byte[] bb = new byte[mx.Value.Length];
   char[] cb = new char[mx.Value.Length];

   for (int k = 0; k < mx.Value.Length; k++) {
    bb[k] = (byte)mx.Value[k];
    cb[k] = (char)bb[k];



   //Console.WriteLine (new string (cb));

  Console.WriteLine (all.ToString ());
  all = 0;
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I actually wrote the above code, that is my blog. That code is really piss-poor and I don't recommend using it. I did write a real offline registry reading library in Ruby, and a tool consuming it is in the Metasploit framework (tools/reg.rb). Eventually I will be implementing this library in C# as well, but not any time soon. –  user1577946 Aug 5 '12 at 22:00

please see:

It reads offline hives in C# with a GTK interface. No write support yet though.

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So... with no write support, it would seem this is not an answer to the question, since it clearly indicated "edit and save". –  Andrew Barber Nov 5 '12 at 19:34
I didn't say it was the answer. But I am actively working on this part. –  Brandon Perry Dec 23 '12 at 19:09

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