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I am trying to stop an USB storage device from unmounting when i am in the middle of some operation on my device.

I tried using the disk arbitration framework for doing this by registering to get a call back for DiskUnmountApprovalCallback event. But even after doing this, Mac OS X allows the user to do a force eject on my USB device. I want to completely block the unmount process and i know this is possible as I get this message often as shown below.

enter image description here

Please can anyone tell me how to do this programatically using disk arbitration framework or any other cocoa framework. Also I want to know the name of the blocking process like in the example above its "Xcode".


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See related question: How can I prevent ejection of a disk during an operation on Mac OS X?

The fact that Xcode (written by Apple) can block unmounting doesn't necessarily mean that your app will be able to. There are several reasons why the OS might not allow an arbitrary application to prevent force unmounting a volume. Here's just one: consider a malicious app (virus, malware, etc.) which wishes to prevent a volume from being unmounted. Also, if the user just pulls the drive out, you can't do anything about it, and should fail gracefully. I find it useful to assume the user knows what they're doing, and allow them to force eject; otherwise, your app might be annoying the user by being uncooperative.

In any case, are you certain your callback function is actually getting invoked? Unless you schedule on a run loop, you might not even be participating in disk arbitration at all.

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