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I am trying to apply a filter to a Map. The intention is to keep only those keys which are part of a set. The following implementation does provide the required results but I want to know if this is the right way?

private void filterProperties(Map<String, Serializable> properties, Set<String> filterSet) {
    Set<String> keys = properties.keySet();
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The set is backed by the map, so changes to the map are reflected in the set, and vice-versa


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Itay's answer is correct, however you should make sure that properties is not modified by other threads, or is itself a thread-safe Map implementation.

If Map is not thread-safe (e.g. HashMap) and is modified by other thread you may get ConcurrentModificationException.

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your code looks good. You can write a single line as properties.keySet().retainAll(filterSet);

One problem I see is that the map could be un-modifiable. If that's a possibility then maybe building a new map with original entry set and then filtering and returning it will be a better option.

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