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I have one IntelliJ project and I want to open it in Eclipse, so what should I do?

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There is an export to eclipse option in Intellij Under file menu.

This option will generate you the necessary .project and .classpath files that will be used by eclipse. Personally, I would remove any IDE dependencies using some dependency management systems like Maven or Apache IVY. ( Is system the right term?)

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NB. You will need install the Eclipse plugin in IntelliJ in order to see the "Export to Eclipse" menu. – owksley Mar 24 '14 at 7:22

I had the same issue and (I don't have Intellij) but doc_180's comment pointed me in the right direction. Here is a simple solution. In Eclipse create a new blank Android project. Copy the .project and .classpath files and the .settings folder to the Intellij folder. Edit the .project file and change the name of the project.

You should now be able to Import the project in Eclipse by right clicking and selecting "Import->Existing Project into Workspace".

I see this is an old question, but thought I should add this answer for others Googling it like me ;)

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