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Whenever I try to download a jpeg attachment from an e-mail half of the jpegs come out corrupt. I'm sending them all the exact same way from a phone, but there are times when the attachments are bigger than the actual size of the picture. Here's the code I have.. am i downloading it incorrectly?


from itertools import izip, cycle
import os
import imaplib
import email
import getpass
import re
import mimetypes
import base64
import grp
import shutil
import time

pattern_uid = re.compile('\d+ \(UID (?P<uid>\d+)\)')

class pygmail:
    def __init__(self):
        self.M = None
        self.response = None
        self.mailboxes = []

    def login(self, username, password):
        self.M = imaplib.IMAP4_SSL(self.IMAP_SERVER, self.IMAP_PORT)
        rc, self.response = self.M.login(username, password)
        return rc

    def logout(self):

    def get_mailboxes(self):
        rc, self.response = self.M.list()
        for item in self.response:
        return rc

        #creating/renaming/deleting new mail folder
    def create_mailbox(self, mailbox):
        rc, self.response = self.M.create(mailbox)
        return rc

    def parse_uid(self, data):
        match = pattern_uid.match(data)
        return match.group('uid')

        #get the emails with attachments, create a folder, send them over
    def get_attachments(self, folder='Inbox'):
        name_pat = re.compile('name=\".*\"')
        subjectSearch = "Whiteboard Image -- Application in progress --"
        resp, data = self.M.search(None, '(UNSEEN SUBJECT "%s")' % subjectSearch)

        counter = 0
        detach_dir = '.'

        for num in data[0].split():
            resp, data = self.M.fetch(num, '(RFC822)')
            mail = email.message_from_string(data[0][1])
                        #self.M.store(num, '+FLAGS', r'(\Deleted)')

            # walk through individual mails, looking for attachment of JPG type
            for part in mail.walk():
                if part.is_multipart():

                if part.get_content_type() == 'text/plain':
                    body = "\n" + part.get_payload() + "\n"

                if part.get_content_maintype() != 'image':

                file_type = part.get_content_type().split('/')[1]

                if not file_type:
                    file_type = 'jpg'

                filename = part.get_filename()

                if not filename:
                    filename = name_pat.findall(part.get('Content-Type'))[0][6:-1]

                print filename

                #PARSING BODY OF EMAIL
                destFolder  = albumHeader = ' '
                if body:
                    word_list = body.split()
                    for i in range(len(word_list)):
                        if word_list[i] == 'DestFolder:':
                            tmpWord = word_list[i].split(":")
                            destFolder = tmpWord[1]
                        elif word_list[i] == 'AlbumHeader:':
                            tmpWord = word_list[i].split(":")
                            folderFlag = word_list[i]

                #download the attachments from email to the designated directory
                att_path = os.path.join(detach_dir, filename)

                #Check if its already there
                if not os.path.isfile(att_path) :
                    fp = open(att_path, 'wb')
                    temp = part.get_payload(decode=True)

                cmd = "chmod -R 755 ."

                counter = counter + 1

#login to email, print login status to terminal
g = pygmail()
g.login('username', 'password')
print g.response

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I don't see anything wrong with how you're saving the attachment payload; the code works for me over multiple runs using different sized JPEGs, mixed with other attachments. Have you downloaded the JPEGs from the Gmail account manually to rule out corruption on the phone, or on the upload side? –  samplebias Apr 26 '11 at 1:02
You might want to check out the IMAPClient library, should save you quite a bit of headache :) –  Acorn Apr 26 '11 at 11:25

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