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I am trying to use this pattern MVVM pattern with the tutorial: It seems it might work for Visual Studio 2008 but what about Visual Studio 2010? I am trying to install the template "WPF Model-View Application" but according to some reviewers at the Codepeax project of "WPF Model-View-ViewModel Toolkit", this project appears to be dumped by Microsoft or buggy? Sorry but I am confused. I cannot get straight answers on what the best practices for developing a WPF application according to Microsoft. Is the MVVM pattern no go good for an updated Visual Studio 2010 environment using C#?

What is the best and modern pattern to use for WPF in Visual Studio 2010 using C#? Can someone send out a decent easy end to end tutorial on this? I like to download sample code and project solutions as well. Thanks a billion

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I'm not at home right now so I don't have access to VS 2010 but I'm guessing they are just doing something in that tutorial that 2010 doesn't like. I just wanted to suggest you take a look at Caliburn and/or Caliburn.Micro if you are looking to do WPF MVVM in 2010. – AlanBarber Apr 25 '11 at 19:07

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MVVM is a pattern, that is it's language agnostic. You can apply it in java, c++, vb etc.
The tutorial/demo may not work in c# 4, but the principles would be the same.

Are you having problems understanding a specific point?

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Well, I am trying to apply the "WPF Model-View Application" in my Visual Studio 2010. It is not working but my concern is more of the Codeplex project "WPF Model-View-ViewModel Toolkit". Is this no good anymore? What is Microsoft's best practices for WPF applications using Visual Studio 2010? I know about MVVM Light but I don't think this will integrate with Expression Blend 4. Or will it? Sorry I misread about MVVM Light for Blend. But is this supported by Microsoft? Or what do they use? – heavy rocker dude Apr 25 '11 at 19:09
@heavy rocker dude here is a tutorial of using MVVM Light in Expression Blend: – theChrisKent Apr 25 '11 at 19:10
Wow. This looks really decent actually. Once again, I am impressed by you guys at StackOverflow!! Thanks to all!!! – heavy rocker dude Apr 25 '11 at 19:13
MVVM heavily relies on databinding. so its not language agnostic and definitely you can not do it in C++. – Hasan Khan Apr 26 '11 at 5:33

There is an excellent toolkit called MVVM Light that works perfectly in Visual Studio 2010.

There is a bunch of information about it available here:

This tutorial will probably be especially helpful:

There is also a great series from Jesse Liberty here:

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I am using this and it works great in visual studio 2010.

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You want to try out its a VS2010 solution

Following blog posts explain what it is:

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I found this template very useful. It has some useful predefined class such as NotificationObject that handles calls to RaisePropertyChanged by passing the field itself instead of a string (very useful) as well as DelegateCommand and some Converters. It has some example XAML code to show how things are wired up as well.

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