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I'm using the asp.net charting control, and liking it for the most part. However, I would like my charts to size with the panels they are contained in. I cannot set the width of the chart to 100%, I have to give them an exact size. I don't want to stretch and distort the rendered chart image. Does anyone have an example of how I might do this, or could you point me in the right direction?

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With sizing requirement I would consider using flash or silverlight or javascript based charts like amCharts or other. I mean anything not generating static images. These are generated on the client so they can easily adopt to the dedicated space.

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If you don't want to stretch generated chart you can load it via ajax and pass size of current image container in an ajax request (e.g. www.site.com/generateCoolChart?height=200&width=300 ). But size of the container may be changed after the user change size of the browser so your chart may become bigger than your container.

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