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I have a web service I have written and am trying to publish to a production server. The strange thing is, when I pushed it on the server and set up a virtual folder for the service, it doesn't want to work when accessed from the Internet!

If I open up IIS 6 admin, look at the folder, right click on the .asmx file and select browse; it opens in Internet Explorer fine! If i change the URL to the public URL name, it works ok, but only on the server. If I try to access it from my desktop, I get a 404.0 error! I know the file is there, it works fine on localhost on the server!

I'm pulling my hair out! Any suggestions?

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are you sure the server you're working on is the production server? could be something simple like that, getting ftp connections mixed up is easy. –  John Boker Apr 25 '11 at 21:12
positive. I even tried via IP address. –  SpaceCowboy74 Apr 25 '11 at 21:15

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It was a stupid error on my part. When i deployed the web service, i put it in it's own folder on the server. I didn't check permissions on the folder though. When accessing it on localhost, my logged in user had administrative privileges and could see the file. Remotely, as anonymous, it couldn't. Once i matched permissions to what wwwroot had, it worked fine.

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