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i'm trying to clone a git repo. in ubuntu to local dir in windows with git extensions when i try to clone, i get these errors:

c:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\git.exe clone -v --progress "git://" "c:/htdoc/gitosis-admin" Done Cloning into c:/htdoc/gitosis-admin... [0:]: errno=No error [0:]: errno=No error fatal: unable to connect a socket (No error)

the ubuntu is in a virtual box ( and the windows is

i found out the is from my virtual box network card. can you help me how to solve this?

Greetings, Ben

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First of all, use gitolite instead of gitosis.

You must have the proper ssh keys in place. See the documentation page for gitolite. It's similar to the gitosis one.

You also must have ssh enabled on your ubuntu vm - it's not there by default. Test it by doing

ssh ubuntuip

Hope this helps

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