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I'd like to design a UI-Element, which gives the User the possibility to switch between different options. Therefore I want to use a Tangible which acts as control dial... I have already designed a Pointer and a Menu. The problem:

When the User rotates the Tangible, the Menu should stand still and the pointer should follow the rotation-movement. But when the User just moves the Tangible (without a rotation), the whole UI-Element should move.

Here a example for a non-Tangible control dial:


Does anyone know how to deal this with a TagVisualization?

Thanks in advance,



I've written a small tutorial, which can be viewed on: http://project-premium.org/

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Set UsesTagOrientation=false on the TagVisualization or TagVisualizationDefinition

Inside the TagVisualization, monitor TrackedContact.Orientation to update your dial UI

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Thank you! It works! –  Chris Conway Apr 26 '11 at 19:31

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