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I am facing problem of having one async task, but I need it use twice, because each time I change different part of GUI (updating progress bar).

Is there any way how to determine in if - else clause, which activity does it call and then make appropriate function for each of both of them?

Edit: huh, answer was here and now there isn't...


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You can hold a member variable which contains the activity/context it is started from.

AsyncTask task = new AsyncTask();
task.mActivity = this;

Inside doInBackground just check the activity:

if (mActivity instanceof MyActivity) {
    // ....
} else {
    // ....
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Extract the code from the AsyncTask implementation and delegate that to the Activity. Example:

public interface MyDelegate {
    public void updateProgress(....)

Your AsyncTask takes a delegate and calls it when appropiate:

public class MyAsyncTask .... {
    public MyAsyncTask(MyDelegate myDelegate) { ... }

    // somewhere in your code (probably onProgressUpdate)

Your Activity/ies implement/s the delegate:

public class MyActivity extends Activity implements MyDelegate {
   public void updateProgress(...) {
       // update ui

   // somewhere in your code:
   new MyAsyncTask(this).execute(...);
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