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I will have a large number of youtube videos active on a single webpage, presumably using the embed code from YouTube. (normal and/or iFrame)

I want the user only able to play one at a time. if one is running and another is played i need all other/s to stop/pause.

Is there a way to globally control all players in that way? Maybe with MooTools?

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code.google.com/apis/ajax/playground/… and enable js api - its all in the docs. you can create a shim around the players that has native mootools events that can track clicks on the player but i cant get it to receive events from an embedded player - only the dynamically embedded ones. then again, i only tried for 3 mins. good luck –  Dimitar Christoff Apr 26 '11 at 9:26
have you figured this out yet? –  Justin Meltzer Oct 29 '11 at 0:33

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You can do this with the YouTube iFrame API

Basically you just need to set up a YT.Player instance for each video and set up an onStateChange event that stops the other player(s) if the given video starts.


player1 = new YT.Player('player1', {
    events: {
      'onStateChange': function(e) { 
          if(e.data == YT.PlayerState.PLAYING) player2.stopVideo(); }

If you've got a lot of players, setting up a loop shouldn't be too tricky. 2 player demo available at http://torontoprogrammer.ca/demos/multiyoutube/

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