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I noticed that every method has comments in the source like:

    * @private
    * @method _onDropOver
    * @param Event e The Event Object
    * @description Handles the DropOver event to append a drop node to an empty target

I am curious-- This looks like something out there reads it an turns it into documentation.. ?

... Also, I've seen a few .js files where they actually say: {'version': '@version'}...

And just wondered, where does the @version come from?

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Yes, something turns it into documentation. Check out the following link:


which reads as:

Overview of YUI Doc Concepts YUI Doc is Comment-Driven YUI Doc is a comment-parsing engine. It looks at comment-blocks in source files to find specific tags; when it finds a comment with a supported tag, it attempts to parse the comment and aggregate its information into the metadata it builds about your JavaScript application. Comment blocks should take the form of:

 * @tagname tagcontent
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Check out jsDoc.

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or in the case of YUI, maybe YUI docs? –  jcolebrand Apr 26 '11 at 0:12

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