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What is the best way to read part of a binary file in Node.js?

I am looking to either access specific bytes in the "header" (less than the first 100 bytes) or read the file byte by byte.

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Here is an example of fs.read()-ing the first 100 bytes from a file descriptor returned by fs.open():

var fs = require('fs');
var constants = require('constants');

fs.open("file.txt", 'r', function(status, fd) {
    if (status) {
    var buffer = new Buffer(100);
    fs.read(fd, buffer, 0, 100, 0, function(err, num) {
        console.log(buffer.toString('utf-8', 0, num));
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I know this is old but you don't need to require Buffer [anymore?]. From the docs: "The Buffer class is a global, making it very rare that one would need to ever require('buffer')." (nodejs.org/api/buffer.html#buffer_buffer). –  AlexMA Mar 4 '14 at 21:18
@AlexMA I have edited the answer to reflect that change, thanks! –  Alec Gorge Feb 3 at 20:29
Its utf8 and not utf-8 nodejs.org/api/… –  WebFreak001 Feb 22 at 12:18

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