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I'm using UIManager to customize some swing components like the example below,

UIManager.put("TextField.background", COLOR_BG);
UIManager.put("TextField.foreground", COLOR_FG);
UIManager.put("TextField.selectionBackground", COLOR_SB);
UIManager.put("TextField.selectionForeground", COLOR_SF);
UIManager.put("TextField.caretForeground", COLOR_CF);

Now after the application starts I want to change some colors, so I call UIManager.put again to update the UIManager, but the components aren't being updated, I tried repaint(), revalidate(), updateUI() with no success.


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I believe when you add your colors to the UIManager you need to wrap then in a ColorUIResource class. This allows the UIManager to think these are part of the default LAF and not a custom color so it will reset the values when you update the UI.

You will still need to use:


Read the section from the Swing tutorial on Modifying the Look and Feel for more information.

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hi, that worked very well. Thanks – Rias Apr 26 '11 at 2:55

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