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I instanced a UITabBarController as the root controller for my app delegate. For FB IOs SDK it says to do the following inside of:

-(BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application handleOpenURL:(NSURL *)url

"In this method, call your application's Facebook object's handleOpenURL method, making sure to pass in the url parameter."

Is the standard way to use FB ios sdk with a tab bar controller to subclass UITabBarController and create the FB object there? Or is there another way where i don't have to subclass uitab bar controller and create the fb object else where?

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You don't have to subclass UITabBarController. There isn't a standard place to create the Facebook object. You can create it anywhere you'd like. It depends on your application. Check out AcaniWelcome. It creates the Facebook object in the FacebookUser : ManagedObject loadSession instance method.

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you can use fb ios sdk as you want. You don't need to subclass UITabBarController.

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