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I have a problem with QGLBuffer. I'm trying to implement a dynamic VBO with QT + Opengl.

In the .h file

struct CVert {
   float x;                                                 
   float y;                                                 

typedef struct CVert CVert;     
CVert* m_data;
QGLBuffer* m_bufferData;
int m_size;

in the .cpp


m_size = numberOfVertex;
m_bufferData = new QGLBuffer(QGLBuffer::VertexBuffer);
m_bufferData->allocate(2*sizeof(float)* p_size);
m_data = (CVert*)m_bufferData->map (QGLBuffer::ReadWrite);

In the execution of the program I change some m_data values

m_data[pos].x = X1
m_data[pos].y = y1

In the draw method.

if (m_bufferData->bind ()) {
   glVertexPointer( 2, GL_FLOAT, 0, (char *) NULL );;
   glDrawArrays( GL_LINES, 0,m_size );

But nothig it's being drawn. I've checked that m_data is not null, and m_bufferData->bind() returns true. What am I doing wrong?

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I think i've solved. Every time i've to edit the VBO. I have to

m_data = (CVert*)data->map (QGLBuffer::ReadWrite); 
m_data[pos].x = X1;
m_data[pos].y = y1 
data->unmap (); 

it's doesn't work if I map only once in the constructor

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That's made clear in the glMapBuffer docs: "A mapped data store must be unmapped with glUnmapBuffer before its buffer object is used. Otherwise an error will be generated by any GL command that attempts to dereference the buffer object's data store." –  Ben Voigt Apr 26 '11 at 13:27
You're right. I read it from there –  Luciano Lorenti Apr 26 '11 at 13:42

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