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I was using cancelRequest() from within my SyncAdapter, just before it exits its thread, but I then decided that was only intended to be used by another entity (UI) that wants to cancel a sync in progress (taking too long, oops, etc.)

Now my sync thinks there is always a pending request - which I use to ignore new requests.

The other thing that I have going is a listener thread in a Service that is listening for changes to the ContactsContract.AUTHORITY so it can kick off a sync of my aggregation.

UPDATE: This listener thread is leaking. I am issuing a .stop() when I am done with it, however, there is a handler that I think is staying alive and keeping the service from stopping.

I would like to send SyncResults to some entity (i.e., the SyncManager) that tracks such things for pending, recycle, etc.

What am I missing?

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You can use the SyncResult This class is used to communicate the results of a sync operation to the SyncManager. Based on the values here the SyncManager will determine the disposition of the sync and whether or not a new sync operation needs to be scheduled in the future

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OK, The doc is vague and looking at Google source was not very enlightening. I have looked for sample code for using this class with SyncAdapter, but was not successful. Can you show some sample code? I can instantiate and modify, but I don't know how to associate with Account and send to SyncManager? Does that make sense? –  mobibob May 3 '11 at 2:10
I have tried setting SyncResult in my application, but I do not see the effect. –  mobibob May 20 '11 at 18:00

To elaborate on shunty's answer with an example:

Here is an example of setting the SyncResult. I just use it to set the number of exceptions in the stats field. The result I see then is that an error icon is displayed for that sync item in the Accounts & sync screen.

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OK - my confusion (concern) is that setting SyncResult, that is an "input" parameter, side-effect programming. I was hoping that upon conclusion of my onPerformSync, that I could send the SyncResult to the SyncManager or the CP, etc. for it to be recorded. –  mobibob Jun 21 '11 at 16:42
I agree, its a crappy thing to do, but that's how it was designed to be used here. –  maxpower47 Jun 21 '11 at 18:29

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