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Recently i have come up with problem with background image like a ipad theme that contain a video, problem is that size of video may change, so i thought of trying border- image properties of CSS3. the major properties of css3 could be made cross browser compatible by using some technique or other. currently i use css PIE. but it doesn't support image border property in its recent version, IS there any way round. Just need to fix it. IE is really a pain :(

I thought of using some "Ninja in your browser" script it didn't worked.

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Nope. There's currently no way to get border-image into all versions of Internet Explorer. PIE is working on it for IE9, from what I've found, but ran into some breaking problems (see more info in this duplicate question).

From the sound of it, your best bet is probably to allow IE to gracefully degrade by using a simple border or background.

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