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I am stuck with a problem in MySQL. I want to get the count of records between two date-time entries.
For example:
I have a column in my table named 'created' having the datetime data type.

I want to count records which were created date-time between "TODAY'S 4:30 AM" and "CURRENT DATE TIME".

I tried some of MySQL's functions but still no luck with it.

Can you please help me with this? thanks.

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May be with:

SELECT count(*) FROM `table` 
    created_at>='2011-03-17 06:42:10' and created_at<='2011-03-17 06:42:50';

or use between:

SELECT count(*) FROM `table` 
    created_at between '2011-03-17 06:42:10' and '2011-03-17 06:42:50';

You can change the datetime as per your need. May be use curdate() or now() to get the desired dates.

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Please note that order matters, you need to first write smaller date time and then bigger date time –  Hafiz Jun 27 '12 at 10:51
select * from yourtable 
   where created < now() 
     and created > concat(curdate(),' 4:30:00 AM') 
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select * from yourtable where created < now() and created > '2011-04-25 04:00:00'
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