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I am following this tutorial on sending activation email:


I am fairly certain this was done with rails 2 and the routing has been a little problematic for me.


map.activate "activate/:token", :controller => "activations", :action => "create"


activate_url(:token => @user.perishable_token, :host => "localhost:3000")

So that localhost:3000/:token url is sent for the user to activate.

In order to make it work for rails 3, I have tried the following:

match 'activate/:token' => 'activations#create'
match 'activate/:token', :to => 'activations#create'

but activate_url isn't working. I'd appreciate some input. Thanks!

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In your routes.rb add a :as => 'activate' to your match method like this:

match 'activate/:token' => 'activations#create', :as => 'activate' and if you are only using GET/POST I'd change the route to this:

For GET:

get 'activate/:index' => 'activations#create', :as => 'activate'

or for POST

post 'activate/:index' => 'activations#create', :as => 'activate'

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Thanks errorhandler. I got it to work – railslearner Apr 26 '11 at 17:13

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