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I'm new to Hbase.I have created a table using hbase shell.By default it's storing on /tmp folder. I want to change the storage location. where I should change the configuration. Thanks in advance..

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Inside hbase folder there is config folder go to that there you will find a file name hbase-site.xml open it

    <value>home/username/hbase</value> ***<----- here you can specify the folder as storage place***
    <description>The directory shared by RegionServers.

For more options check the link below

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all HBase configuration is in ${HBASE_HOME}/conf/hbase-site.xml

Look in the hbase-default.xml file for hints on what you can modify. Last I checked, that was in ${HBASE_HOME}/src/main/resources/

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you can specify some hdfs directory as the value for hbase.rootdir if you are trying to run hbase in pseudo distributed or fully distributed mode

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