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i want to add to each raw a specific image that belong to each raw content in android listview... example: if i am making a list view the countries and i want each country to have its flag ... (example : (imageUSA-FLAG) USA (imageUK-FLAG) UK (imageFRANCE-FLAG) FRANCE ...

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You could do it for exampe like that:

public View getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) {

   ImageView myImageView = new ImageView();  

   switch(position) {
      case 0: myImageView.setImageResource(R.drawable.imageUSA-FLAG);

      case 1: myImageView.setImageResource(R.drawable.imageUK-FLAG);

      case 2: myImageView.setImageResource(R.drawable.imageFRANCE-FLAG);

    return myImageView;
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If you actually searched before you posted then you would have found this entry

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