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i create a site in a wampserver by creating a folder that include all site pages and named

the folder for example xxxx

when i run http://localhost its open the index of the wamp server

what i want is to open the index of xxxx when i run the localhoust without adding xxxx

in the path like http://localhost/xxxx

so is that possible

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You have several possible solutions here:

  1. Reconfigure apache to use xxxx as document root
  2. Setup a redirect in your main directory to the subdirectory, i.e. via a .htaccess rewrite rule or by sending a redirection header() in the root index.php file.
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thanks dear i go with solution 2 –  Meera Apr 26 '11 at 7:53

in your httpd.conf file find DocumentRoot "C:/wamp/www"

and change it to DocumentRoot "f:/wamp/www/xxxx"

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