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I use the browser to open a pdf file, but I want to use the regular file manager in order to open the file with a third party application. How do I do that?

BrowserSession page = Browser.getDefaultSession();
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It depends on OS version. In OS 5 RIM added the net.rim.device.api.ui.picker.FilePicker class that does what you need. For pre 5 OS you have to implement your own screen to select a file from the file-system. Your local BB SDK should contain a sample app for this, search by "fileexplorerdemo" to find that sample and to see the code.

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I have tried and it actually very close to what i need, but i need to open the file and i cannot find a way to do that, maybe there is a way with streams somehow. – Victor I. Apr 27 '11 at 13:30
@Victor I.: Do you mean you still have no solution for your question? – Arhimed Apr 27 '11 at 15:11
it seems that Invocation invocation; invocation = new Invocation("file://SDCard/BlackBerry/PopFax/39508844.pdf"); Registry _registry=Registry.getRegistry("net.rim.device.api.content.BlackBerryContentHand‌​ler"); _registry.invoke(invocation); – Victor I. Apr 28 '11 at 7:30
@Arhimed the invocation class is what i need but it doesn't seem to do nothing – Victor I. Apr 28 '11 at 7:37

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