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I am writing an OpenGL ES 2.0 app for the iPhone (iOS 4.1). At the end of the computations, which are done in the shaders, i need to write back some data to the CPU. As far as I know this can be done by glReadPixels(). In order to keep precision, i want to use half_float or float textures between the shaders, which seem to be supported by extensions.

Question: Is it possible to read float or half_float textures with glReadPixels() ?



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I have faced up to this problem either. For iOS you can check the available extensions list with GL_EXTENSIONS parameter - GL_OES_texture_float must present. But! According to specification this doesn't give an opportunity to read float values from GPU. This is from glReadPixels() docs:

Only two format/type parameter pairs are accepted. GL_RGBA/GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE is always accepted, and the other acceptable pair can be discovered by querying GL_IMPLEMENTATION_COLOR_READ_FORMAT and GL_IMPLEMENTATION_COLOR_READ_TYPE.

So you can check available types/formats you can read with code below:

GLint ext_format, ext_type;
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Looks like it should be. See the specification here

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Hi Brett, thanks for your answer,but I think this is the specificaion for OpenGL.Floats are not mentioned in the OpenGL ES specs specs – Lars Apr 26 '11 at 10:02

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