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My company is providing service, which has few subscription plans with different monthly fee. Everything is working via PayPal recurring payments.

I want to implement upgrade system, so clients could switch to more expensive plan.

For now I found two solutions:

  1. Modify current subscription and ask for payment to cover difference in plans to the end of the month (modified subscription will work only from the next month). So basically I need to give my client two different forms to submit to PayPal, which is very bad.

  2. Also I could cancel current recurring payment and ask client to subscribe for new. Cancel is possible in the background without any user interaction, he only need to submit new form for new payment.

I like second method more, but it still not very clear for users and I'm looking for better solution.

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Sounds like option 2 would be the only viable one.

For upgrading have your script put them on a new subscription, then on your script that processes the PayPal reply, have it check to see if the user already has a subscription, if they do, then create a paypal request to cancel the old subscription.

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