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I am developing a Prism application where I need to load some data in the model in the background after the application has loaded. I have a separate view which is hidden which would show this data via a view model. I dont want to increase the application load time and neither do I want to increase the view load time. The only solution I could think of is to raise a Shell Loaded event and let the view model or model subscribe to it.

Is this a good approach or is there a better approach?

Also, I am not sure whether I should raise the Shell Loaded event in the Run of the Bootstrapper or in the Shell ViewModel. How do I link a routed command (for ex: Loaded) to an ICommand

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I try to avoid to handle these kinds of events in the bootstrapper. So attaching the Loaded event of the shell view to the shell view model is a good way to go. The only reason to actually raise this event in the bootstrapper is if you need the StartupEventArgs (which I sometimes do).

There are quite a few ways of handling the loaded event.

  • 100% MVVM use an attached property that passes the event straight to an ICommand or method. Ex: how to call a window's Loaded event in WPF MVVM?
  • Just handle the Loaded event it in the code behind and call the Loaded method / Command in the VM from there. This a simple and easy solution to get started.
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To reduce loading time, you should try to avoid putting too much work on the UI thread. You may want to investigate the TPL or a nice framework called ReactiveUI which provides a very convient mechanism to load things asynchronously.

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