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I have a main page (let's call it "GROUP") accessible from a site-wide navigation bar. I've created other sub-pages ("SUB1" through "SUBn") and set their Parent item to "GROUP" in the Edit Basic page panel, but am at a loss as to how I can get each such SUBn to show up on the GROUP page.

I could simply create a <ul> of permalinks to the SUBn's, but that seems a bit inelegant and inflexible. Is there a native Drupal way of doing this?

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Add GROUP to a menu (usually Primary Links for a small site), then add SUB1...SUBn as subpages on the menu, so you have an arrangement like:

  • Home
    • SUB1
    • ...
    • SUBn
  • Contact Us
  • Etc

Then use Menu Block from http://drupal.org/project/menu_block to create a block that shows entries at the first level and have the block show up on the pages where you want the subpage list to appear.

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You can also use Bones module to automate the node/menu structure creation.

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