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Hi All

We are creating a new project using jsf2.0, richfaces 4.0, jjdk 6 and tomcat 7.0 I want to know the standard way of creating project. I mean folder structure. Any sample application or book or link will be a great help to me.


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I participated once in a project, which had Spring 3.5, JSF 1.2 and ICEFaces 1.8, was running on JDK6 and everything was deployed to Tomcat 6.0 - similar situation to yours. We used Apache Maven as a project management tool.

Very flexible and comfortable. You could also consider using ICEFaces instead of RichFaces.

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Maven uses a best practice approach for project folders. Even when you do not plan to build with maven, have a look at their structures:

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Thanks Andreas_D –  Arvind Apr 27 '11 at 7:23

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