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I'm doing a lot of reading of academic papers (example pdf). These are dense with text, and have very little white space. As I'm reading such a paper, I'm using Mendeley or Adobe Acrobat X Pro to add 1-2 sentence comments on certain parts of the paper. Maybe 1-2 comments per page.

The question I have is if there is a good way to print these comments alongside the text (perhaps in a small bubble). This page describes the several options I have in Acrobat for printing comments, but none of them are quite satisfactory visually. Are there better PDF viewers out there to accomplish this printing of comments overlayed on the page?

Basically what I'm looking for is for the program to shrink the original document page enough so that the margins can contain the small comment bubbles. Any ideas?

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skim (osx), goodreader (ipad), more ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_PDF_software

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