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I'm trying to get results of a facet query using solrj, but it seems it doesn't matter whether I add the facet query or not. I get the same document list anyway.

So this query returns the same document list...

  query.addFacetQuery("CATNAME_STR:" + facetName); 

...with this query


Only difference is I can get number of documents that matches the facet query with response.getFacetQuery();

I was expecting it to work like


Any ideas?


By the way I'm using Solr Version 3.1.0 and solr-core-3.1.0

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Can you run fiddler or something to see what the actual request to solr looks like? –  Aaron D Apr 26 '11 at 18:10
@Aaron D - It seems like a handy tool but is there a linux equivalent of it. Also Firebug gives pretty good idea about headers too. –  slhsen Apr 27 '11 at 12:20

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As it turns out fq=CATNAME_STR:Erasmus does not mean query.addFacetQuery("CATNAME_STR:Erasmus") but instead query.addFilterQuery("CATNAME_STR:Erasmus")

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