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I am adding multiple AVPlayer objects in a scrollview. For the first time this is working fine but as i go back to my previous view and come back again i am not able to see AVPlayer objects in scrollView.

I need as matrix of multiple AVPlayer to show thumbnails of my videos.

Please help me asap

Thanks in advance.

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@please describe your question neatly and with some sort of code. –  Tirth Apr 26 '11 at 13:52
As I already mentioned in my question that i want to create a matrix( 3 X 3) of videos. Suppose i have three videos, i added this videos using AVPlayer to my view in a single row on some view. Now i navigate to another view and again come back to the matrix view i found that there are 2 videos out of three. There is no error in my code and running properly. –  iphonedev23 Apr 27 '11 at 5:59

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I had a similar problem and after a lot of searching discovered that the AVPLayerItem object causes this issue.

Basically when the AVPlayer items go offscreen you need to make sure everything is released properly, and then recreate everything when they come back on screen.

As part of the release process, include the line:

[AVPlayer replaceCurrentItemWithPlayerItem:nil];

That sorted a very similar issue for me.

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Thank you - this fixed it for me too! –  Jane Sales Feb 7 '12 at 17:05
This just saved my app! –  Jonathan Stevens Feb 24 at 22:10
This worked for me too, but is there any official Apple response to this? –  John K. Chow May 18 at 0:38
[AVPlayer replaceCurrentItemWithPlayerItem:nil];

also solves my problem of cannot releasing current player item immediately. (can't manually do that because it's retained by the class..)

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