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I search for a word and i get the results with facet as follows

<lst name="itemtype">
<int name="Internal">108</int>
<int name="Users">73</int>
<int name="Factory">18</int>
<int name="Supply Chain Intermediaries">6</int>
<int name="Company">1</int>
<int name="Monitor/Auditor firm">0</int>

then i wrote the condition like fq=itemtype:Factory i get the results. But i am not getting the results for fq=itemtype:Supply Chain Intermediaries . I am thinking the problem with the spaces in the condition (Supply Chain Intermediaries), I tried with urlencode (space replace with %20) also. But no use. Can you guys please help me to solve this.


For single value it is working fine. I build the query like this

http:localhost:8080/solr/select/?q=adidas&version=2.2&indent=on&facet=on&start=0&rows=20&fq={!raw f=itemtype}Supply Chain Intermediaries

But i need to write for multiple values. The original Query with out raw is as follows

http://localhost/solr/select/?q=adidas&version=2.2&indent=on&facet=on&start=0&rows=20&fq=(itemtype:Company itemtype:Supply Chain Intermediaries)

Can you guys please help me to solve this.

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How is your itemtype field analysed?

If it is of type string , then use:

fq=itemtype:"Supply Chain Intermediaries"

Otherwise you can also try:

fq=itemtype:(Supply Chain Intermediaries)

Assuming OR is the default operator in your config and text is the default search field, your query will get translated to:

fq=itemtype:Supply OR text:(Chain Intermediaries)

Chain and Intermediaries are searched against default search field.

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This helped. thank you. But what when we have some field name with white spaces? Pls advise. – Dharmik Bhandari Jul 23 '12 at 7:46
+1 Thanks, I'm using lbdremy.github.io/solr-node-client by the way and there is no conversion for array input types so it must be manually done. – Jason Sebring May 8 '14 at 18:20

This doesn't answer this question directly but it may help with this problem:

Remove the spaces before posting to Solr.

For fields used for faceting rather than searching, it is not important to store the value with spaces. The value is simply a treated as key. Store the field itemtype like so:"supplychainintermediaries", "monitorauditorfirm", etc.

When you display the facet values to the user, simply use a dictionary which maps key values to display values. Like so:

"supplychainintermediaries" --> "Supply Chain Intermediaries" "monitorauditorfirm" --> "Monitor/Auditor Firm"

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I have tried different solutions mentioned here, but none of them worked. However I solved it like this:

fq=itemtype: *Supply\ Chain\ Intermediaries*

Here space will be escaped with \

The above string will match with the strings Lorem Supply Chain Intermediaries Ipsum

If you are having a word starts with Supply Chain Intermediaries Ipsum then just give

fq=itemtype: Supply\ Chain\ Intermediaries*
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I guess you can use

fq={!raw f=itemtype}Supply Chain Intermediaries

for that purpose

It tuns out that you have to use !term instead of !raw for Solr version >= 4.0


Have a nice day.

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I wrote my new solr query. Can you please check and give suggestion. – Brahmaji Rao Apr 27 '11 at 5:30
@Brahmaji Do you need OR operation between filters or AND operation? For AND you can simply write multiple fq filters. But I guess you don't have much luck with OR. May be you can try to write your values between double quotes instead, such as fq=text:"Chain Intermediaries". I haven't tried that one though. – slhsen Apr 27 '11 at 14:36

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