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Given the name of a Property attribute of an NSManagedObject and a Model.strings file in the application bundle, how do you retrieve the property's localized name?

Additional Details: When I try to access the localizationDictionary, as below, that object is nil. I'm in Snow Leopard, so the documentation's warning that it may return nil until used should not apply.

NSString *localized = [[managedObjectModel localizationDictionary]

Update 2/25/2012 (almost a year later)

I think this turned out to be a bug in Snow Leopard (or at least that particular version). Now, a year later and running Lion, the code above works).

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The link you shared tells you how to access the localized property name:

NSString *localizedPropertyName = [[managedObjectModel localizationDictionary] objectForKey:@"Property/thePropertyName"];
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Heh, I completely forgot you could localize the property names. – TechZen Apr 26 '11 at 18:16
Forgive me being a bit dense today.. How would you build the localizationDictionary? I have an app that will support several languages.. Could you please provide an example say, I have a PeopleEntity, and I want to localize the name attribute.. Many thanks.. – David DelMonte Mar 2 '12 at 20:38

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